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Assembly, Storage & Fulfillment

Customized Order Fulfillment

Special Projects

Don't be confused!

We have been a trusted partner in helping some of North America’s leading retail chains for over two decades. They rely on us for project coordination involving:

    ·         Pick up of raw components

    ·         Assembly to strict standards

    ·         Packing for transportation

    ·         Consolidation for regional linehauls

    ·         Trans-border drop shipping

    ·         Delivery schedule management

    ·         Installation supply and control

    ·         Reporting

From storage and kitting, through to delivery and set up, our strength is providing clients with end to end coordination of their projects.

Storage and Fulfillment

Our warehousing solutions provide a variety of in-house services including:

    ·         Skid storage

    ·         Cycle counts

    ·         Pallet wrapping

    ·         Cross dock transfers

    ·         Deconsolidation

    ·         Order pick, pack and fulfillment

Our complete logistics solutions help companies get their product to market quicker and at lower costs than in traditional ways. With labour, freight and warehousing costs steadily increasing, we have chosen to strategically design and optimize our service offerings to help customers reduce the financial impact on their business.

That's why we work 24/7/365 to accommodate your needs.


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